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Social Media Trends 2017

We recently partook in a fantastic live webinar from HootSuite which outlined the key social media trends for 2017, and the best ways to implement them. We have outlined all of our findings below so that you can have a read through and have a think about what you're looking to achieve from your social media efforts in 2017 - and of course, how we can help you achieve them!

So what were the main trends of 2016?
Over the last year we have seen a great increase in the use of social media, and in particular in the use of social media for business. Hootsuite noted that social is the new front door, meaning that a lot of users are now first turning to social media before looking at more traditional methods such as your website. We also saw the rise of video content, and how it is now dominating on social platforms. 

Following on from last year, one of the biggest trends that we'll see throughout 2017 will be video content, and in particular video content on social media advertising. See below for some of the other trends they highlighted for 2017.

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It's really interesting to note that social searches are now catching up with traditional search for news and information, making it more prevalent than ever to ensure that consumers can find details of your products and services online. 

In terms of which are the best platforms to use for your social media strategy, it completely depends on what you're hoping to achieve. Twitter this year is going to be a lot more customer experience and service based, whereas Facebook will be more geared up for driving conversions and running advertisements.

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Some other key things we picked up on were that:
  • 2017 is going to see a decline in organic reach on social media, so pay-to-play/advertising will therefore become extremely important
  • 98% of digital consumers are using social networks, and have an average of almost 8 accounts each (crazy huh!) - which means you definitely need to get your company on at least one social media platform!
  • % of internet users who use social networks to research products has gone up for 28% in 2015 to 38% by the end of 2016
  • In 2017 social video advertising will be a key strategic focus

We're extremely excited to see what else 2017 reveals and to witness the growth and success of social media for business. 

For any social media help and advice, get in touch today. 

Article written for Big Reach Marketing with information referenced from HootSuite.