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Is Your Website Page Speed Slowing Down Your SEO Progress?

We’ll make an assumption that you do the majority of your Google Searching on your mobile?
If that’s the case you must know that having a website fully optimised for mobile use is essential. This used to mean just responsiveness, so your website would automatically resize to the correct display for any device, but since the recent Google Speed Update (July 2018) websites have to be fully optimised for speed or else your SEO will suffer.

It may sound like Google is punishing slow websites, but consider how much patience you have when you encounter a slow page, or long loading times. The Speed Update seeks to make user experience much greater than before, and forcing the very slowest pages to update and fix loading speeds will mean those unwilling to provide a better experience for their users will ultimately lose their Google ranking over time.

What is Google's Speed Update?

The Speed Update is a new algorithm, which makes mobile page speed a key part in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. To break this down further, when someone uses a mobile phone to complete a Google Search, where your site ends up on the SERP will be based on a combination of SEO and Page Speed. It pays particular to mobile users, since in 2010 a similar update was applied to Desktop SERPs.

Initially Google has said that this will only impact the slowest websites, but as future best practise, it is wise to make tweaks and changes to your current website and pages to fully optimise and ensure you are never considered to be the slowest site. Assuming that since your website ranks highly and loads fast now, does not mean that in the future, all your competitors will be outranking you because your page loading times are considered the slowest.

We predict that initially the websites and Google listings that will be the worst affected initially are the older websites that have dominated the high spots for the longest time.

SEO is still heavily influenced by page content and writing your website copy with search queries and your users in mind is still the best practice. Consider the speed of the page an ‘icing on the cake’ issue, or more seriously and considerably a User Experience issue. Appreciating your users and their journey to buying a product or service off your business is still the best way to rank higher on the SERP.


How to Fix Your Mobile Website Speed?

To start fixing your mobile website speed you must first evaluate the current condition of your website speed. We often use a tool called Google Page Speed Insights to see how fast our client’s websites load, and indeed our own.

The report it generates will highlight how fast your page loads for both desktop and mobile and will offer suggestions on how to fix your loading speeds. We have highlighted some here:

File Compression
Using software such as Gzip, you can significantly reduce the size of your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files that are larger than 150 bytes.

Minify Code
Optimise your code by deleting unnecessary characters and any strings of unused code. Tools such as UglifyJS and CSSNano are helpful.

Browser Caching
By caching information, a browser will make page load times quicker since it doesn’t need to reload the entire page every time. A tool such as YSlow will check your cache expiration date which will then mean you can edit your ‘expires’ header for the length of the time you want a visitor to hold onto the cache.

Optimise Images
Compress your images using tools such as TinyPNG, the smaller the file size, the quicker they will load. You can reduce your file size by as much as 70% sometimes!

Need SEO Help?
We know that SEO can be complicated, and diagnosing slow page speeds can be tricky. The SERP is always changing and is a constant jostle for position. We can help you rank above your competitors in two ways:
SEO Training & SEO Marketing

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P.S. Did you know we are recognized as a top Social Media Marketing Company on DesignRush
Page Speed SEO


The Decline Of Organic Reach On Facebook 2018

You’re the admin of your businesses Facebook Page, and for the last couple of years you have noticed a significant drop in the number of your fans viewing and interacting with the posts you publish to your page.

You’re not alone, this is a common problem in the marketing industry, but there are steps you can take to regain those lost likes, comments, and shares.

Why Has Organic Facebook Reach Declined?

Whilst the Facebook News Feed seems to be a never ending stream of friend updates and sponsored videos, it is in fact a competitive arena made up of contributors and marketers. Contributors are using the site as initially intended, to share their lives with close friends and acquaintances, marketers however, compete with each other to post content which receives the most engagement and propels their brands message forward ultimately delivering sales and profit.

Back in 2014, the first signs of organic reach declining was noticed when Brian Boland, the VP of Advertising Technology at Facebook, said that Facebook was managing more advert content than it previously used to, he also stated that News Feed space was much more competitive and that Facebook strives to show people content relevant to them. This makes sense, as a Facebook user you would prefer to see friend updates and personalised content at the top of your feed rather than all the sponsored posts and adverts, otherwise, why would you use it?

In January 2018, the head of Facebook’s News Feed, Adam Mosseri mentioned a shift in content ranking on the News Feed to help people connect with each other rather than consume media in isolation. So we know that marketing content has been relegated and its appearance on the News Feed has been forced to take a backseat.

For small businesses looking to grow their following, this update desperately hinders your progress and makes attracting new customers and followers difficult – it is not impossible though.

Maximising Your Facebook Reach

Facebook’s current machine learning algorithm is highly advanced in identifying the content an individual user typically engages with and organises their News Feed to accommodate and prioritise that content. For example, if a user uses Facebook for only watching videos and no other purpose, their News Feed will slowly become full of video content. Facebook knows they like that content, and wants to put more of it in front of them to encourage engagement.

Understanding your target audiences News Feed behaviour is essential for creating targeted content that maximises your organic reach. Take a look at your most recent posts, which post had the highest reach and which had the highest engagement, this will give you the best idea of the kind of content to replicate in the future to generate more interest.

Creating meaningful relationships with your current followers is massively understated in the mission to increase your organic reach. There are thousands of factors that inform Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, and it is impossible to excel at all of them, but we do know that it appreciates meaningful interaction between users, pages, and groups.

Meaningful interactions are the engagements that take place between two users on posted content, how long a user has watched a video before clicking off is a factor that will either help or hinder that videos chance of appearing on someone else’s News Feed. Here is an example of meaningful interaction at work.

Say your business page posted a video, with some accompanying text that features a link to your website. This post appears on a user’s News Feed, and they watch the whole video, they liked it, so they like the post. They then read the text and follow the link to your website. They liked the content on the website so they return to your post and comment something. You see this comment and you reply. The user then thinks that their friends would benefit from seeing this content too so they share it. Facebook understands this as a piece of relevant content that is worth being placed on more News Feeds, so it will feature higher than normal on this user’s friend’s News feeds.

The Benefit of Paid Content

Facebook has evolved into a paid marketing platform, and page admins are expected to pay for adverts to reach their own followers. This sounds crazy as you worked so hard for your following, but actually makes sense to certain extent. You have worked hard building your following, so you now have an entire audience prepared to listen to your message and could become genuine customers of your business. However these users do not want to be constantly bombarded by your message, it will almost certainly turn them away, if you post content several times a day, every business page a user likes could be doing the same, meaning this users News Feed has lost all personality and becomes a stream of marketing content. Facebook restricts the content posted onto a users News Feed and expects you to pay for ‘boosted’ content to reach them, meaning you publish a highly targeted message that you have spent time on perfecting and shaping to deliver the most impact and best engagement.

Facebook is helping to curate business content by reducing organic reach.

Accessing your followers through paid content may not be ideal for your business right now, but as the current trend of organic reach moves towards zero, meaningful content may not be enough to save your business from irrelevancy on Facebook.

For a more in depth look at how the Facebook News Feed has changed over the years, please visit this blog by Sophia Bernazani.

The Importance Of Keywords For SEO In 2018

What is a Keyword, and how is it likely to change in the future?

All words and phrases can be identified as ‘keywords’, as long as they have a considerable amount of searches in a month. Generally keywords and phrase will fall into two categories.

1. Short Tail Keywords

These are the traditional search terms that provide quite vague results. Usually they will consist of one to three words and will produce a wide array of suggestions.
  • Plumber
  • Painter and Decorator
  • Blog Keywords
If you conduct searches for a specific business or service you may find yourself getting frustrated with the lack of appropriate search results.

2. Long Tail Keywords

These are a lot more specific and tailored to providing specific results. Generally they consist of more than three words and are synonymous with conversational speech. Long tail keywords are becoming more relevant with the rising popularity of voice searching.
  • Local plumber in xxx
  • Painter and decorator able to paint tall buildings
  • Which keywords to use for my blog
Long tail keywords will often have fewer searches per month than short tail, but long tail keywords drive more targeted traffic to your website. People who search using long tail keywords are confident in the results they want, they know what information they want to see, and are more likely to convert on your website if you match their interests.

How to use them?

Ignore Meta Keywords!

Meta Keywords were once important, but not anymore, in fact they are completely irrelevant to modern SEO. Search Engine algorithms have become much smarter and can detect keywords embedded within your content and rank your page automatically. Therefore Keyword Research has become a crucial part of SEO, finding the right keywords that will drive relevant traffic to your website is so important for a high ranking on Google.

Tighten up your keywords, if you are a barbershop dealing exclusively with Men’s hair, consider the implications of using hairdresser as a keyword, you have opened the door to a section of the market that you don’t want to appeal to. Even though hairdresser is synonymous with haircutting and barbershops, using this as a keyword can mean high levels of traffic visiting your website but leaving straight away because the content is irrelevant to them.

Do not stuff your keywords!

Many years ago you could get away with throwing in as many keywords into your content as you liked with very little thought to the readability of your content. Not anymore. In 2011, the Google Panda update started to recognise keyword spamming and penalise you for attempting to trick the system whether you were guilty or not.

Keyword stuffing can look like the following:
“I am a Local Painter in Southend who specialises in local interior painting. I have been a local painter in Southend for many years and am also a local painter to areas around Southend.”

This does not read naturally and Google is clever enough these days to recognise that and penalise you for it.

Keyword Density

Keyword Density is a highly debated subject in marketing. Some suggest that Google takes density into account when ranking pages; others suggest that it is nonsense. Here is what we know.

Since Google can recognise keyword stuffing, they must have an algorithm in place to recognise overuse of keywords and phrases, so if it has the ability to recognise keyword density, why wouldn’t it consider it a factor when creating the super secret algorithm for ranking. However, since 2016 Google has used RankBrain as part of its algorithm. RankBrain is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that interprets the searches that people submit to find pages that may not have the exact keywords in, but are similar. This means that you do not necessarily have to incorporate every single variation of a keyword into your copy, since RankBrain will be able to understand what a searcher’s true intentions behind their search is.

Future of Keywords

The late 2010’s has seen a surge in voice search products, dominated largely by Google and Amazon. In fact as of January 2018 there was an estimated one billion voice searches per month (Alpine.Ai), and this is set to increase to 50% of all searches by 2020 (Campaign).
When we talk about voice searches, we should consider them like long tail keywords. No one is saying “Alexa, Google Plumber” and expecting to find the best local plumber in their hometown. What they are saying is “Alexa, Google the best emergency plumber in xxxx”.
Let’s pretend someone is driving past our offices in Baldock, they might conduct a voice search saying, “OK Google, what hours are Big Reach Marketing open tomorrow?” But if they waited until they got home they would search on a desktop, “Big Reach Marketing”.

Businesses must be prepared for increased long-tail searches else they may get left behind by technology.

Get in touch to discover our SEO Services. We offer SEO packages and SEO Training

Benefits of Social Media: A Realistic Expectation

If you're not using social media to flaunt your business yet, it's 2018 - what are you doing?!

Here are some 5 reasons why you need to start marketing your business on social media now!

Marketing your business through social media can feel like a slow and arduous task. You're not getting the immediate results you'd hoped for and your content doesn't seem to be engaging people.
We're here to say don't give up! 

Overnight success does not happen. Even the 'instant success' Instagram celebrity that everyone is now following has spent years slowly chipping away and developing their brand and style. 

At Big Reach Marketing, we can re-assess your marketing strategy and re-evaluate your marketing goals. Our Social Media Marketing Service will target the right people, and turn them from potential customers to paying customers. 

Have you thought about advertising on social media

We can now guarantee visibility on user's newsfeeds, meaning your business can have increased exposure. Everyone needs a helping hand occasionally, and advertising on social media can give you a boost in followers, website traffic, and sales. 

Lack confidence in social media?

Not a problem. We also offer Social Media Training. We run through the basics and answer any questions you may have about social media. We try to answer your questions in as little jargon as possible and are happy to go at your pace. 

Give us a call and learn how we can help your business.

5 Superb Calls to Action and Why They Work

A CTA is your last attempt to get a visitor to engage with your business.

A Call to Action tells visitors on your website or social media what their next step should be, and so should be succinct, engaging, and with a clear focus.

Do you want them to buy something? Do you want them to sign up for a free trial? Do you want their email address?

At Big Reach Marketing, we understand that a CTA is just as important as all the copy before it. Your content might be SEO-rich, and you might be getting lots of visitors, but without a superb CTA, visitors may never become customers.

Here are 5 excellent CTAs and why they work so well:

1. My Perfect Resume – ‘Create My Resume’

This business uses a library of pre-written CVs to create a unique CV for a customer to download and use. The CTA, ‘Create My Resume’ is an extremely tempting offer for people who lack the time or motivation to write a CV for themselves. The business knows exactly who its customers are and knows that a ‘Get in Contact’ approach is too long-winded for anyone looking for their services.

2. ShortStack – ‘Like Us’

Looking to generate more likes on social media? ShortStack were, and they realised that utilising every space and opportunity on their Facebook page was key. This image was made their cover photo and acts as a constant CTA, always there to prompt a visitor to ‘like’ the page. Given that their page has over 75,000 likes, this CTA is worth paying attention to.

3. 280 Slides –‘Try It Now, Free!’

A huge button extending across the website immediately draws attention to any potential customer. But in addition to this, the words ‘Try It Now, Free!’ suggest to the customer a no risk transaction, where they benefit entirely from clicking the button. Another reason this stands out as a superb CTA is the order of the words; ‘free’ is the last word, it lingers in the mind long after you read it.

4.Netflix – ‘Join Free for a Month’

All copy here adds another reason why you should engage with the CTA.
‘See what’s next’ = ‘You wouldn’t want to miss out’
‘Watch anywhere’ = ‘This product is so convenient’
‘Cancel anytime’ = ‘no risk involved’
‘Join Free for a Month’ = ‘it won’t cost you a penny’
Netflix know that the service they provide is engaging and rewarding enough that getting someone to join for a month is enough to quite often turn them into a paying customer.

5.Spotify – ‘Get Spotify Free’

Two CTAs – one is more engaging and produces more paying customers long-term, the other leads to the paid version of the product. Spotify’s goal is clear, to get every customer paying for the service, but they know that customers who try the free version stay longer and spend more money. Here you can see how they push the free version more than the paid version.

If you have been inspired to update your Calls to Action and don't know where to start, get in contact with us and see how we can change the fortune of your business.

Growing SEO in 2018

61% of companies name “growing SEO” as biggest priority in 2018

A recent investigation, undertaken by Reboot, looked to establish how companies felt about their marketing and what they felt was a going to be a priority, challenge and trend in 2018.

Key findings from this investigation include:
  • 61% of 6,399 professionals believe their digital marketing is “effective.”
  • Generating website traffic/leads: This year’s biggest marketing challenge.
  • Growing SEO/organic presence: The top marketing priority in 2018.
  • Paid advertising named “most over-rated” marketing tactic.
It highlighted that is likely that the first focus of 2018 will be on converting website leads into customers, and how this can be achieved by making changes to the website, or better defining the sales funnel. The next focus will then be on increasing traffic to the website and developing the SEO and organic presence.

The following five digital marketing priorities have been outlined to follow on from this, and are likely to be very prevalent throughout 2018:
  1. Growing SEO/organic presence – 61%
  2. Blog content creation – 53%
  3. Content distribution and amplification – 47%
  4. Marketing automation – 40%
  5. Interactive content creation – 38%

Certainly we have already started to see more of an interest in companies wishing to grow their organic listings and seeing the benefit of doing so, and we can only imagine this to grow over the year. It will be important this year for marketing companies to help educate business owners on the importance of doing this to keep their search visibility high.

11% of marketers named online paid advertising as their biggest over-rated marketing tactic, and it is predicted that it will likely to increase throughout the year. Which makes SEO and organic search presence even more paramount for businesses in 2018.

Towards the end of the report, global professionals identified the main disruptors in marketing – moving into 2018 – to be: Artificial intelligence (A.I.), Virtual Reality (V.R.) and social platforms - which we’re excited to see unfold!

Want to get ahead of the game with your marketing in 2018? Contact us to get started!

Top 10 Social Media Tips

Feeling unloved on social media, and not getting the response you were hoping for? We've put together our top 10 tips and best practices to help get you more engagement on your posts.

1. Tell people what you do and explain your services - no-one is going to know what you do unless you tell them

2. Always include an image - make your posts stand out from the crowd

3. Don't be afraid to post reviews and testimonials - you've worked hard for them, so blow your own trumpet!

4. Include a link to your website - social media should drive traffic to your website, so always link to a relevant page

5. Think of your #Hashtags as keywords - keep them relevant to your business

6. Have a mix of friendly and informative posts - engage with your audience

7. Take full advantage of any rich media - videos, gifs and images really help your posts to stand out

8. Link to blog posts - grab their attention and then invite them to read more

9. Have a clear call to action - do you want people to fill in a form, call you, or look at your website?

10. Last but not least, check your spelling and grammar!

If you'd like some more structured and relevant advice for your business, please get in contact with us

Psssst - We also have a range of social media training courses that are ideal for helping you to get more from your social media - click here to find out more. 

Gold Award for Best Marketing Website

Delighted to announce that our website, developed by Fluid Studios, won Gold for the Best Marketing & Creative Website at the Hertfordshire Digital Awards last week, on Thursday 21st September. 

We recently decided to re-brand and re-develop our website to better reflect our company and the services we offer, and turned to the award-winning and creative guys at Fluid Studios to help. They took the time to listen to our requirements and were able to present us with a range of diferent innovative and interactive ideas. 

We are over the moon (no pun intended) with our new logo, website and marketing materials, all produced by Fluid Studios, and are thrilled that the judges at the Hertfordshire Digital Awards were equally impressed. 

Jessie Lansbury, Marketing Manager of Fluid Studios commented, "with Big Reach marketing, we were given the opportunity of complete creative freedom to create a re-brand and re-design of Big Reach. When making the site, we tried to incorporate a wide spectrum of animation to bring the site to life which included the use of animated SVG icons that draw themselves out as you scroll to them and a JavaScript animated homepage banner that is very eye-catching...exactly something you want for a marketing business!". 

Big thank you to everyone at Fluid Studios for all their hard-work, and for getting us nominated for the award - a huge achievement for all involved!

Everything you need to know about SEO in 2017

There were a lot of changes in the world of SEO in 2016 and many websites that ranked highly last year, soon started to slip down the rankings. This was due to Google dramatically changing the rules of SEO and altering what it deemed to be important for a high ranking. As we all know achieving a top spot on Google has a huge effect on businesses big and small. It is now essential you understand and implement the latest trends to stay ahead of your competitors. 

Here are the top SEO trends you need to stay on top of in 2017:

Mobile First Design 

THE most important aspect of SEO in 2017 - by far. If your website is not mobile-friendly then you really need to start putting a plan in to action to get it updated before you start to see you SEO and Google ranking suffer. Mobile is a trend that is only going to get bigger, and its importance to your online presence cannot be understated. 
Build your Brand on Social Media

Social media should form a major part of your SEO strategy. Your business should be present in more places than just your website. External elements like social media likes, shares and follows help to raise the ranking of your webpages in Google searches. Building your brand on social media will most definitely have a positive effect on your SEO.
Page Load Speed

Google is placing much more emphasis on the speed of your website. It knows that users will quickly click off if it takes more than 3 seconds to load your website. So make sure that your images are well optimised and the coding of your website is up to Google's best practices. 
Voice Search

Users have changed the way that they search on mobile devices, it's now a lot more common for people to search with their voice - cue the "OK Google". It's therefore extremely important to make sure that the search terms for your website use a natural speaking language and longer phrases i.e. instead of 'marketing hertfordshire' you would use 'marketing company in hertfordshire'. 

Backlinking are the links directed to your website and used by search engines as an indication of popularity and importance, which isn't anything new in SEO, but remains a great way to boost your SEO ranking. 
Great Content

Content is king, and the days of keyword stuffing are well and truly over. What Google now favours more than anything is great, readable content. Your website really needs to read well (and be interesting to read) to do well on Google. It's also obviously great for the user experience.
User Experience 

UX is pivotal for the future of SEO! Users now not only want a website with nice images and text but they want a website that works well on all devices and is easy to navigate and use. If it's not they'll soon find a better website that does work in the way they want. 

Video marketing has taken off hugely over the last year. They offer a great way to become an authorative voice, build a trusting relationship with your audience and also increase your site's conversion rates. 

For more help and advice on updating your SEO and how to climb your Google ranking higher, speak to us today on 01462 492245 or via email at


We recently found out that we have been recognised as an RAR recommended agency - see our profile here! To achieve recommended status, a company must have a minimum of three ‘7 out of 10’ (or higher) ratings from clients who are asked to score agencies on seven key categories:
  • Client service
  • Creativity/innovation
  • Effectiveness
  • Strategic thinking
  • Value for money
  • On time
  • On budget

To collect these ratings you must send out a questionnaire to a number of different clients so that they can rate you fairly on the services that you supplied them with. For us the services ranged from Email Marketing, Paid Search & PPC, SEO, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Content, Copywriting, Social Media Insights plus many others. 

We're thrilled to announce that every client of ours that filled out the reviews rated us 9 out of 10 or higher - an amazing result!

A big thank you goes out to everyone who filled out the reviews for us, we couldn't be more grateful, and wouldn't have been able to achieve RAR recommended status without you. 

If you would like to find out more about any aspect of digital marketing, click here to drop us an email or give the team a ring on 01462 492245.


Most Promising New Business!

Thrilled to announce that we have been announced as finalists for Most Promising New Business in the Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards! 

This is a huge achievement for our new business and we couldn't be more proud. We're also extremely excited to be heading to the awards dinner at St Albans Cathedral on Thursday 8th June, and we'd like to wish all of the finalists the best luck!

Want to know more about our business? See an exclusive sneak peek at our entry below :

BIG REACH was built from a passion for digital marketing and a desire to help customers build their brands and REACH a BIGGER audience. We help our customers to take advantage of new updates in Social Media and Search Engines to grow their online presence and find new customers. A unique mix of training and education, combined with great design and management, helps us achieve outstanding results compared to traditional digital marketing methods.  Amazingly, in just our first year of trading we won not one, but two prestigious awards for 'best use of social media for business' for our clients. This was not only a great achievement for our clients, but a real testament to our new business and services.

Our experience stems from over 40 years combined experience in website design, development, sales and marketing. The business was started to provide customers with the services and advice they were missing from other marketing companies. We were able to discover a unique gap in the market by taking the opportunity to educate business owners on why and how to market their business online, rather than simply selling them another marketing service. The traditional approach is very impersonal and relies on customers interpreting confusing reports to understand the value the service is adding.  By training and educating our customers in our methods, we’ve been able to show the value of what we do. With the loyalty that builds, we’ve also been able to do away with the out-dated idea of tying customers into contracts.

We offer the full solution, with a range of methods that all tie-in to offer a complete marketing package. We love working with small local companies and helping them to grow their business and gain the customers they desire, it’s extremely rewarding, and is the main reason we set up our new business.

How to achieve social media success

Ever wondered how your business could achieve social media success? Well wonder no more!

We have a range of social media training sessions available to businesses in Hertfordshire, so that you can learn your hashtags from your tweets, and what social media is all about.

From beginner how-to courses, to social media advertising and advanced courses, we have something for every business. 

All of our trainers are experts in explaining everything in jargon-free and easy to understand terms so that by the end you'll be feeling confident in your knowledge and ready to take the social media platforms by storm!

So if you've ever wondered how your business could benefit from promoting on social media, how to go about it, which platforms to use or how to get started, then you could benefit from one of our courses. 

Give our friendly team a call or email us at to get booked in. 


WOW - National Social Media Award!

Unbelievably proud to announce that we have helped one of our clients to achieve National Award Winning Status for Best Use of Social Media at The Digital Champions Awards!

We have been working with Fluid Studios, web design and development wizards, for over a year and have since been managing all of their digital marketing and social media campaigns. We meet regularly with the Directors, Greg and Alan, to discuss their objectives, goals and ideas for the next coming weeks. We then help them implement these with strategic and well thought out campaigns to ensure they receive the best ROI. 

Back in July we entered them in to the Hertfordshire Digital Awards for Best Social Media as we thought that they had a great mix of informative and interesting posts whilst still being light hearted and fun, which their audiences were really responding well to. Lo and behold, they won gold! The judges announced that they were crowned winners for great use of video, gifs and engaging content - we couldn't be prouder!

We then found out in September that all of the Gold Award winners from the separate county Digital Awards were being entered in to a National Digital Champions Awards, and this time the winners would be picked by public vote!

After a month of voting and promoting, Fluid Studios were crowned National Digital Champions for Best Use of Social Media for Business - HOORAY!

We are so honoured to work with Fluid Studios, and over the moon that we could help them win this award. 

Social Media Trends 2017

We recently partook in a fantastic live webinar from HootSuite which outlined the key social media trends for 2017, and the best ways to implement them. We have outlined all of our findings below so that you can have a read through and have a think about what you're looking to achieve from your social media efforts in 2017 - and of course, how we can help you achieve them!

So what were the main trends of 2016?
Over the last year we have seen a great increase in the use of social media, and in particular in the use of social media for business. Hootsuite noted that social is the new front door, meaning that a lot of users are now first turning to social media before looking at more traditional methods such as your website. We also saw the rise of video content, and how it is now dominating on social platforms. 

Following on from last year, one of the biggest trends that we'll see throughout 2017 will be video content, and in particular video content on social media advertising. See below for some of the other trends they highlighted for 2017.

Digital Marketing Hertfordshire

It's really interesting to note that social searches are now catching up with traditional search for news and information, making it more prevalent than ever to ensure that consumers can find details of your products and services online. 

In terms of which are the best platforms to use for your social media strategy, it completely depends on what you're hoping to achieve. Twitter this year is going to be a lot more customer experience and service based, whereas Facebook will be more geared up for driving conversions and running advertisements.

social media hertfordshire

Some other key things we picked up on were that:
  • 2017 is going to see a decline in organic reach on social media, so pay-to-play/advertising will therefore become extremely important
  • 98% of digital consumers are using social networks, and have an average of almost 8 accounts each (crazy huh!) - which means you definitely need to get your company on at least one social media platform!
  • % of internet users who use social networks to research products has gone up for 28% in 2015 to 38% by the end of 2016
  • In 2017 social video advertising will be a key strategic focus

We're extremely excited to see what else 2017 reveals and to witness the growth and success of social media for business. 

For any social media help and advice, get in touch today. 

Article written for Big Reach Marketing with information referenced from HootSuite.

How does SEO affect my website?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation makes a huge difference to your website.If you're not using SEO affectively on your website then there's not much point in having any at all, you simply won't achieve what you want without using SEO to it's full advantage. 

The top benefits of using social media are:
- Increased traffic 
- Return on Investment
- Cost effectiveness
- Increased site usability
- Brand Awareness 

We know all the SEO jargon can be horribly confusing but don't worry we're here to re-riddle it for you! If you just need a bit of help to get your head around all the terms or want to get your website ranked higher on search engines then give us a call and find out what we can do.

Social Media for Business

Why should you market your business on Social Media? Well let's start with the facts.. There are currently 320million active users on Twitter, 1.59 billion users on Facebook, 400 million active users on Instagram and millions of other users on the other big social media platforms. Social Media is free to use, there are no on-going costs or contracts that tie you in, you can set up a profile and get going almost immediately. Probably most importantly though - your customers are using it! Why miss out on the opportunity to engage and interact with them?

There are so many different options and social media platforms to utilise, that it simply just makes sense to make sure that you are reaping the benefits of social media. 

Here at Big Reach we'll work with you to come up with a tailored social media strategy that's easy to understand and put in to practice. We can help with anything from just offering some friendly help and advice, to setting up your profiles, to teaching the best ways to gain business from social media, all the way up to fully managing your social media posts, campaigns and advertisements. 

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Website Launch!

So very excited to have our website launch! We've spent time putting together all the information for the website and have though carefully about how best to describe all of our products and services. Please make sure to have a look through our new site and let us know what you think!

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