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How To Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Customer engagement on your social media could be your key to increased sales. Here are few tips and ideas to help you increase engagement on your social media.

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Social media is a very powerful tool and it has many benefits that can assist in the growth of your business. These benefits can include helping you to increase your brand awareness, helping you to attract potential customers, to assist in the retention of loyal customers and also in increasing sales. However, to reap the rewards of these benefits you do have to put a lot of time and effort to build a strong and attractive social media account.

Many businesses think that the bigger the audience size, the more engaged customers they will have. Unfortunately, big audience size will not guarantee a good engagement rate.

The best recipe for success is knowing who your customers are and what they’re looking for, you can then build your social media content around them whilst strengthening your business at the same time. Your key goal through your social media posting needs to be social media engagement.

When customers are engaging with your posts, or even messaging you, you, as a business, have an opportunity to start building a relationship, which can lead to increased number of loyal customers.

So, what are some of the best ways you can increase engagement?

Unique content and visual posts

In order to increase the number of users who engage with your posts, focus on your content and keep in mind that it’ll play a very important role. In this competitive world, it’s crucial to stand out, so creating unique content is a must. Whilst it may be a lot easier to copy a competitor or share someone else’s popular post, creating your own graphics and imagery not only helps to strengthen your brand, but will also amount to more engagement. Think about what you like to look at on your own social media channels and try and emulate that, you’ll probably find that it’s usually a video or image that catches your eye first before any of the associated text.

Question & Answer Sessions

Creating Q&A sessions is another great way to interact with your customers. People may have questions about your product or services, and being available on social media to answer them can help to increase sales conversions and can also help you to stand out from your competitors. Also with consumers being more and more impatient and wanting answers to their online queries immediately, Q&A sessions are a great way to stay ahead of that.

Top tip - If you’re comfortable filming yourself, why not sit down to record and answer some of your top FAQs, then save it on to your social accounts and even your website for future reference.

Posting Customer’s or Follower’s Photos

Sharing photos from your customers and followers can get you a very positive results and is a great easy way to generate fresh content for your account. It also offers a great opportunity to use social media as a digital word-of-mouth strategy and it can help make your relationship with your customers much more personal. Furthermore, it forms the idea that your current customers trust you and can in turn attract new potential customers. At the same time, if the customer tagged you in their photo, their friends, family or followers will notice your brand and will come to your account to have a look.

Just ask

Why not ask engaging, provoking or fun questions, run a poll or ask for opinions on a certain topic, you don’t know until you try, and they are all great ways to encourage your customers to leave a comment on your posts!

For example, if you’re clothing brand, you can ask ‘which dress you would prefer’ or if you’re a person who simply wants to spread positivity, be influential, you can ask people to share their favourite quotes or books. People love sharing their experiences and opinions, so asking questions makes it easier for them to open up.

Positivity and fun!

Would you rather read some positive and fun content or you would prefer to read some boring statistics or sad news? We’re pretty sure that you would feel better after being involved in a positive experience. A little bit of fun mixed with your unique brand personality, will drive engagement more than anything else because people don’t engage unless they enjoy the content or feel something about it. Humour can appeal to your audience emotionally, which in turn will help your customers remember you, share and engage with your content.


These are just few tips and ideas to help you increase engagement on your social media accounts, give them a try and let us know how you get on!

If you’re looking for some expert assistance, here at Big Reach we know how to create unique and intelligent content, how to reach your audience in the right way and how to make them see your brand, remember it and engage with it. We create marketing strategies that are focused on ROI, carefully analysed and continuously improving. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us here.

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