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Is Social Media Effective?

If you do it right, Social Media can be a highly effective tool for targeting specific audiences and raising brand awareness. We'll help to identify the best platform and strategy for you.

Social Media Marketing is a cost effective marketing option that can be used in campaigns requiring both short and long term results.

A great strategy starts with understanding your business and marketing goals. We'll build an intelligent campaign based on research and the latest data to ensure you achieve maximum results.

Our creative team engage your audience with innovative and targeted content, using their expert knowledge on when and where to publish it for maximum impact.

From creating engagement through LinkedIn posts to driving traffic with Facebook ads, we can tailor our service to deliver the best results for you.

Take a look at the process we use to achieve social media success...

Case Study

In support of a social media content campaign, a fitness clothing company tasked us with increasing the number of sales gained from social media via a tailored advertising funnel. The main aims were:

  • To keep advertising spend low
  • Boost sales & traffic to the website
  • Re-market back to existing customers

In three months, we secured 728 purchases on the website with a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 18.26 (an ROAS of 4 is the industry average).

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