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What's a marketing plan?

Identifying the optimum way to achieve your goals and maximise your return on investment is at the heart of any successful marketing strategy.

Our marketing strategies include everything you need to execute a results driven campaign, including which platforms to target and what content to use.

By understanding your customers, we can plan how to raise awareness of your brand, build interest so they will consider you and then increase trust to persuade them to make the decision you want.

We'll explain which platforms will work best, whether it be a particular Social Media, SEO, Blogging or PPC Adverts. We'll also plan the content ideas to deliver on them.

Each strategy needs KPIs to allow success to be measured and details on how those metrics can be used to regally optimise for optimum results.

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Case Study

An online debating company came to us to create a social media and website launch strategy for their new brand. Starting with 0 website traffic and 0 social media followers we needed to help them make the huge splash they required. In the month following the launch of the website we achieved:

  • 1,200 visits from social media activity
  • 18,000 post engagements on Instagram
  • Gained 300,000 impressions on Twitter

Alongside this we also achieved a bounce rate from the social media advertising of 16% which is extremely low for a new website and an un-known brand.

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