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Is advertising online cost effective?

Advertising delivers fast results and can generate lots of sales and enquiries. Depending on your industry it can be very cost effective and deliver a great return on investment.

Advertising or PPC (pay-per-click) is not as cost-effective for driving traffic in the long term as SEO, so we usually suggest you do both so you can reduce your advertising budget over time.

We can offer PPC on a range of platforms including Google Ads and Facebook. We have Google Ads Certified staff and Google Account Managers to ensure your campaign is fully optimised for maximum returns.

We're able to measure the success of campaigns and quickly make optimisations to the adverts so you're not wasting any budget.

Our expert staff will keep you updated with regular reports and explain the jargon in simple terms. We also don't tie you into long contracts for maximum flexibility.

Here is a list of what we focus on to get you maximum results...

Case Study

A national drain maintenance company based in London, tasked us with increasing the number of leads they got through the website and in turn the number of jobs for their engineers. To achieve this we:

  • Created a targeted Google Ads campaign
  • Improved the landing pages on the website
  • Improved the UX (user-experience) on the website

From our efforts they have seen a 9.32% increase in the number of jobs (in comparison to last year) and have also seen a great improvement in the quality of the leads. This in turn lead to a great improvement in turnover.

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