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How to Write Copy for Email Marketing

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For many brands, the use of email marketing is one of the most powerful methods for reaching their customers on a regular basis. The main advantage here is how emails make you the centre of attention, rather than being one of many listings scattered across Google. When you send out emails, you’re also dealing with people who’ve already taken an interest in your goods and services, so selling should also be much easier. Emails need to be visual of course, but the only way you can make customers respond would be with good old fashioned copy. Below are some of the key things to consider for email copywriting

Make the Receiver Act 

At the end of the day, emails are generally sent out to market products or services. Even when you use them for blog posts, it’s still about brand recognition and keeping yourself front of mind. To ensure you get the results you’re looking for, it’s important to use actionable language within the copy, which basically means words that entice you to do something. Basic examples would be ‘buy now’ or ‘learn more here’, both of which encourage the receiver to move into your site, and hopefully onto making a potential enquiry.  

It’s easy to forget that we’re writing for humans, but it’s absolutely crucial, and that’s simply because you need to establish a strong rapport with your target audience. People receive tons of emails every single day, so make yours a little more personal wherever possible. So instead of saying ‘hi’, instead use the customer’s first name. It’s a really simple thing but that shouldn’t detract from how this can make your brand appear a lot more welcoming. Upselling is also a great technique to use in just about any line of business, so if you’re aware of what people have purchased before, maybe suggest similar products in the copy, again showing how you’ve tailored the email towards them alone. 

Make it Clear and Simple 

We live in a fast-paced world and people don’t often have time to read. When writing copy, put the most important information at the very top, and ensure this has been written in the simplest way possible. Not only are people constantly in a rush, lots of us are impatient and will be instantly put off with copy that doesn’t come across readable. Key selling points, facts and prices are the best things to be prioritized, as that’s really all the customer wants to know about. The ensuing copy is really about articulating key points further if and only when it’s necessary. 

Use Correct Tone of Voice 

One of the most important aspects behind any form of copywriting would be using the correct tone of voice, and email marketing is certainly no exception. Where the younger demographic may like their copy punchy and to the point, you may find a more sophisticated target audience prefers reading content that’s a little more elaborate. Writing any form of copy in the right way really comes down to the nature of your specific industry. The best place to start would be putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about which terminology they would respond to best. 

Here at Big Reach, we have offered email marketing copy for a number of clients. If you need a helping hand, simply contact our team today and we can launch you into digital success!

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