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What Type of Voice Should You Use in Your Copy?

Funny, formal or fantastically fabulous!

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Words have the power to educate, inspire and make people feel a certain way. They form the backbone behind most marketing efforts, but they only deliver maximum impact if you’ve discovered the tone of voice which resonates best with your audience. 

Finding the right language, and writing sentences that generate a firm connection with your marketing avatar is crucial, and that’s why we’ve decided to break down some common tones you could use within your copy, and who this would likely work best with. 


There’s subjects which need a professional tone of voice to convey their serious nature. Some obvious examples would be anything revolving law, education and health, all of which touch upon very important subject matter. 

When writing formally, be sure to construct things without overly elaborate terms, and where possible, condense the flow of sentences to ensure you’re only expressing what needs to be read, and not penning words for the sake of it. 

If people need information about family law for example, then give them key facts without the sort of waffle which is best left to personal blogs. The more streamlined your copy, the easier it will be for people to find precisely what they need.  


This is where copywriters get to be a lot more creative. Using a chatty tone will express far more personality, just be careful about how this tone brings about the most subjectivity of all, seeing how your interpretation of loose copy could be very different to someone else’s. 

It can also be tricky to write such copy when you’re not in tune with the target audience yourself. In this instance, a certain level of impersonation is required, so try to get into their heads, and from there, really think about how they feel, what their pain points are, and finally, the sort of language they respond to best.  

If you’re struggling to get started, maybe write the copy formally to begin with, and then edit this with a more personable touch. Break up words and incorporate expressions that bring about a more lively and even comedic vibe compared to typically rigid terminology. 


People like the feel good factor, and this certainly serves the idea of selling products or services rather well. Using especially upbeat language can associate your brand with the idea of positive change, something which lots of marketing efforts are trying to convey. 

A great approach would be using actionable words that blend with the idea of immediacy, so that people read upbeat copy, and instantly feel the need to make a purchase or sign up to something. So, try to be slightly forceful with copy, otherwise people could lose interest and end up looking elsewhere. 

Discover Your Business’ Tone of Voice with Big Reach

Have a read of your website, and ask yourself one very simple question - Does this speak to my audience? If not, we can help you discover the perfect tone of voice that helps position your brand effectively. 

Get in contact with our in-house, Hertfordshire copywriter today to get things started.

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