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Comparing Organic SEO With PPC

When is it best to use SEO or opt for PPC?

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Launching your brand new website and starting marketing campaigns online is an exciting prospect, but tread cautiously! Nowadays, Google is highly competitive and only the most astute strategies are going  to ensure you are getting a good return on any investments. When it comes to those lucrative positions on page one, you will be faced with the choice of organic SEO, PPC or a combination of both. The route you take really can depend on the types of products and services you supply, as well as the target audience you are aiming to entice. Here, we have taken a look at both methods, highlighting where they excel the most. 

Is PPC Worth it? 

Yes, absolutely! Should you have a business already up and running, you could instantly gain a large audience base who could be interested in what you supply. Even if you’re late to the Google party compared to key competitors, a PPC campaign will hand you prominent exposure right away, giving you the potential to hoover up leads on a daily basis. Setting out an effective PPC campaign can actually do wonders for other marketing channels, since this can be used to collect data related to keywords and traits associated with people who have clicked through to your site. 

What are the Advantages of PPC? 

Collecting Data 

Only with the use of accurate data can you be sure that marketing campaigns will be set for effective results. If you’re new to the SEO game, you may have to conduct some competitor research and think about the more important SEO keywords by using some good old fashioned common sense. This won’t be the case once a PPC campaign has been in place for a while, as this will broaden your understanding about which terms are having a positive effect and which ones should be dropped. The final result will be a PPC strategy that is more cost-effective and targets the right people at the right times. Data collected can also be used to help enforce organic strategies as you will have concrete indication as to which terms should be added to things like URLs, page titles and the main body of any content used with copywriting

Instant Results 

Using an organic campaign means you might not see any results for quite some time. Working in highly saturated industries like leisure, travel and even SEO in Hertfordshire can sometimes mean exposure on Google isn’t noticeable until around six-months down the line. The great thing about PPC is the fact you can bypass years of organic work your competitors may have implemented and push yourself to the top right away. It’s just a case of being wise with your budget, as money can be drained if leads are not being converted regularly enough. It can be especially prudent to use PPC if you offer seasonal products, as the obvious internet traffic and subsequent demand for what you offer will mean the instantaneous nature of PPC is the way to go.

Effective Targeting 

After you have discovered the ideal profile of someone who would be interested in what you supply, it’s obvious that consistent targeting to these individuals will make for more effective marketing campaigns. With PPC, you can take an immensely granular approach when focusing on certain people, giving you the option to emphasise particular locations, age brackets and genders. Once again, this can be hugely beneficial to other channels you wish to deploy, such as social media marketing, where you may feel content should be aligned more with the sort of audience you have found to be most responsive through your PPC efforts. You may already have a clear idea of the sort of interests your main audience has, so targeting certain topics is also available, helping you to further increase the positive impact of your campaign. 

Why is Organic SEO Important?  

It’s important because just about everyone is using this, and it still continues to form a number of current marketing trends. Now more than ever, the importance of online presence is key to business success, especially since physical retail environments are starting to become obsolete within certain industries. Having your brand name on the first page organically for certain terms is also a huge reputation booster, since most people are aware that regular hard work and dedication was needed to get there compared to the PPC route. It can also be more cost-effective if you have approached things the right way, since results can last longer without the need to carry out further work. 

What are the Advantages of Getting Organic Traffic? 

Brand Reputation 

Google rules the internet sphere, and people know that websites at the top are the best around due to the algorithm in place. If Google thinks you’re the real deal then so are the masses, and this is especially the case for highly searched terms as you can bet competing websites will also be using digital marketing agencies to keep them locked near the top. The fact you have a website situated on the higher echelons compared to PPC could also demonstrate more faith in your brand, as patience and persistence are the key ingredients to using this particular strategy effectively. 


Nothing worth doing is cheap! And whatever route you take, you may need to invest quite a bit to get the results you desire. A PPC campaign can be run by a Hertfordshire PPC specialist or even yourself, but the longevity of organic search work may mean you’re left calling upon SEO agencies to do the grafting for you. Most agencies will present you with tiered options relating to the speed they believe they can get you near the top. Certain keywords are incredibly competitive on Google, where things that contain the word ‘London’ may require intense bidding to obtain. If you’re a business that runs smoothly without the need for the internet, then having SEO growing organically on the side might be the better option. 

Why Not Both?

Here at Big Reach Marketing, we have the very team in place to ensure both strategies can be offered, and even put into place simultaneously. Using PPC is a great way to gather data which can be used to aid organic campaigns, so delving into both options certainly carries a lot of merit. If you would like to discover how we can increase your internet traffic, then feel free to contact us today. 

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