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What Are The Benefits of Having TikTok?

Social Video Marketing has Arrived

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Marketing trends come and go, but we can safely say TikTok is here for the long haul. Has there been a more meteoric rise in the world of social media since the birth of Facebook and Twitter? The video sharing platform is now the place to be for highly engaging content around the world, and although its reputation is still largely synonymous with casual videos made to amuse, have we reached the stage where TikTok could in fact be used as an effective marketing tool? We certainly think so, and here’s why.

Huge Audience

Over a billion people now use TikTok globally! Just let that sink in for a minute if you’ve been dismissive about the platform. For context, this equates to roughly an 1/8th of the world’s population. Among those billion people, there’s likely to be a sizable audience appropriate for your line of business. Not tapping into this trend means key competitors will hoover up lots of brand awareness at your expense.

Generation Z Has Arrived

It goes without saying that the nature of TikTok means the audience using this app is likely to be on the younger side. Forget about Millennials! Your attention needs to shift towards Generation Z, which is anyone born roughly between the years 1995-2010. According to, over half of Generation Z are now using TikTok, whereas 39% of Millennials have signed up.

Video Marketing is Hugely Important

Copywriting is great and all for Google’s algorithm, but do people really want to spend all day reading? No, they most certainly do not! So any way to include videos into your marketing strategies can only be a good thing. Watching videos is far easier and a lot more engaging, helping you get across key information with far more visual impact. Most people don’t have a lot of time to spare, again handing the catalyst to video content which is often far quicker to consume compared to written text.

It’s Quick & Easy

What’s especially great about TikTok would be its simple and highly streamlined user interface. You don’t need a Degree in video editing to use the app, which means content of the highest quality can be produced within incredibly swift timeframes. If you feel reactionary marketing is important for your brand, then distributing your opinion through TikTok means you’ll be left, right and centre of emerging trends and stories when it really matters.

We Offer TikTok Services in Hertfordshire

Here at Big Reach, we are constantly looking for brand new ways in which to harness current marketing trends to the max. TikTok is certainly no exception, and in fact, we are now ready to offer this alongside our existing range of marketing services. If you feel your brand would benefit from TikTok management, we’re ready to help you create the perfect video content ready to take this emerging platform by storm.

For further information about what we can offer, simply get in contact with us today.

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