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What Makes a Good Landing Page?

Are you still having a poor conversion rate after gaining a higher SERP ranking?

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Are you on the first page of Google? Nice one! But are you getting the amount of leads you thought would be obtained from being in the upper reaches of search listings? This could be because landing pages have been designed badly and helped contribute to a poor user experience. There’s no point dominating the SERPS if you don’t have the content to back this up! So, take a look at the key things that should be included within any landing pages you have across your site. 

Firstly, What is a Landing Page? 

All your SEO efforts will be pointing to one place, and that’s landing pages. In most cases this will be the home page, but many sites have specific pages which promote certain products or services. It’s important to get this part right, because PPC campaigns or social media marketing could end up being pointless if you keep firing blanks when people arrive at your site. From the wording, all the way through to the size of images, every little detail counts! 

So, How Do You Create a Landing Page? 

Effective Copy 

The importance of copywriting cannot be overstated, and this doesn’t mean only satisfying the current Google algorithm. Here is your chance to really sell yourself and make sure leads become customers! This is done with carefully written pros that reflect the tone and vibe you want to have established, since certain people will connect better with particular terminology. In some cases, a more black and white approach may be suitable, which is certainly more effective when trying to communicate to merchants or other businesses who may already know the ins and outs of your products. General consumers may need a bit more explaining before making a purchase, so think about incorporating a little bit of storytelling to ensure USP’s are made clear. 

Strong CTA 

When people visit your site, they may be dwelling over the idea of moving ahead with an enquiry or purchase, making the need for superb calls to action all the more important. Just tell them what they need to do next, and make it simple! Sounds easy right? However, you would be amazed how many customers may turn away because the process of submitting forms or getting in touch isn’t made clear and obvious. Firstly, make sure the right terminology is brought into play again, getting straight to the point and maybe even suggesting what benefits they would get for actually choosing your business to satisfy their needs. Adding visuals may also help, since colour and graphics can easily create a more dynamic feeling across the page. 

Simple Design 

Little is often more in the world of web design, so make sure landing pages match up with this current marketing trend. Upon arrival, web visitors don’t want to shuffle their way through pointless content that offers no value, they simply want to learn the basic gist of what you offer and then decide whether you are what they’re looking for. Having effective SEO is hugely important when trying to reach higher rankings in Google, but that doesn't mean you should overstuff pages unnecessarily. Instead, be careful about how much content is placed in certain areas, and if needed, break up the page to ensure the most relevant information is the easiest to access. 

Mobile Friendly

Internet searches are now done more frequently on mobile phones, making the need for landing pages which can fit different dimensions the most important it’s ever been. Can you imagine how off-putting it would be arriving on a page and having to drag your screen to read any content? A poor bounce rate will be handed to your site and this could also impact rankings in Google! Whenever you add new content in the form of copy or images, they must align with the measurements already established to ensure your layout isn’t thrown into the realms of despair. 

Promote Unique Selling Points 

With so much competition on Google, customers are going to be asking: why should I choose you? To answer this question, first you must think about the key selling points that make you unique, and maybe some offers that could encourage people to opt for your services over everyone else. For example, companies selling high value goods may only expect a certain amount of money paid upfront, and holiday firms might have finance plans which allow people to pay off their vacation over monthly instalments. In both cases, I’m sure the customer would be interested to learn about this since it will add more benefit to choosing your business. 


Make sure the entire journey a customer goes through is consistent! This means using the same tone of voice and highlighting the same selling points you may have used with any advertising. Applying the same keywords is also important, since customers need to know they are on the right track when they click through to your landing pages. Something that looks even slightly out of place might actually put people off, as they could come to the unfortunate conclusion that they have clicked on the wrong link. A marketing strategy is a complete package where everything needs to sing off the same hymn sheet for effective results. Getting people’s attention within the cluttered nature of Google is seen as the hard part, so think about how frustrating it would be to lose out on customers when you have become the only focus. 

If you need current landing pages to be altered or desire something made from scratch, be sure to get in contact with us today.

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