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What is a Social Infographic?

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Copy takes ages to read, so people often don’t bother. It’s important to have well written copy for Google, but many web visitors will prefer their information more concise, and often visual. That’s where our infographic creator can come into play, helping to summarise key information in bitesize form, often designed as graphs, charts or maps.

But, what makes infographics so great? Well, not only can they supplement blog posts perfectly, they’re also a great way to boost social engagement. Your audience is craving new information which adds value, so it’s little wonder infographics are constantly used by most marketing professionals to help enforce content strategies.

What is The Main Purpose of An Infographic?

We live in a visual world, so start taking advantage of this. When designed well, infographics have the potential to sweep people into full engagement, therefore connecting with your brand far more rigorously. They add value, insight and generally prove you know what you’re talking about. Your SEO exploits will also be thankful, not least a potential bounce rate reduction. In essence, they're simple and to the point, making them ideal for the fast-pace landscape we’re currently marketing for.

What are Examples of Infographics?

Different types of infographics exist, which all serve very specific purposes. We have statistical designs which given their name, aim to convey data simply. There’s also timeline infographics which explain a certain process in linear fashion, giving customers clear insight into how services work from start to finish. A conventional list can also be used to break down key information, and if this needs to be compared, maybe consider a comparison graph to show off key differences.

How Do You Make An Infographic For Social Media?

Pick a subject which is complex, but could be explained better visually. Some common examples would be law or financial related industries. They’re both important, but who has the time to read through laborious text based on tax returns or mortgages! Instead, break down the key points and get creative with them. Keep the graphic on brand for consistency, and also think about how this can be used across a number of channels, not just one. Also maintain a logical layout, so important information should be prioritised when sizing each element, and you also need a thorough understanding of your target audience. How do they consume information? What captivates them most?

Launch Into Social Success With Big Reach

Social media is still crucial for marketing success. It’s a hard nut to crack, which is why our specialist social media team is ready to do the hard work for you. Whether it be copy for captions, scheduling or designing infographics, we have every base covered.

Simply reach out to us and explain what you want to achieve, and from there, we can provide bespoke, flexible packages which reflect your key objectives. Feel free to contact our team directly for an initial chat. We look forward to hearing from you soon and getting you ready for social success!

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