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What is Bounce Rate in Digital Marketing?


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There’s lots of jargon floating about in regards to marketing, some of which is worth acknowledging, and others which are best left to the side. One that shouldn’t be ignored would be bounce rate, which essentially measures how engaging your website appears to visitors. 

If your landing page design and copy isn’t relevant, then people are likely to turn away from your site without exploring other pages. It’s really an indicative metric to see how your site is generally performing, rather than something which directly impacts SEO credentials.  

What is a Good Bounce Rate?

Generally speaking, bounce rates which are higher than 56% would be considered really poor. Anything between 41% and 55% is average, and the optimum level you should be aiming for would be between 26% to 40% ( 

How Do You Analyse Bounce Rate?

Google Analytics can accurately capture bounce rate. Simply head over to the behaviour section. When you arrive, lots of really helpful information will be presented, such as the number of sessions recorded for each page, how many users are accessing your site, and the length of time in which people are typically engaging.  

How Do You Keep Good Bounce Rates?

Keeping bounce rates down can be done through a variety of methods, but below are perhaps some of the more important to consider. 

Streamlined Navigation 

Don’t make things needlessly difficult from a UX perspective. Lay out each page methodically, with simple navigation that makes usage really simple for everyone. This can also help satisfy the core web vitals update, which insists upon clean page design without unnecessary content and functionality in place for the sake of it. 

Mobile Design is Compulsory 

For the past decade or so, we have seen a major shift in the devices being used to access websites, that being how mobile phones now lead the way. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, the dimensions of your design won’t be laid out for simple use. 

Write Short & Snappy Content 

Make the copy simple to digest with focus on getting straight to key points right away. Visitors could turn away instantly should they be presented with overly complicated content upon arrival. 

Fix Technical Issues

Conduct an SEO audit every so often, as you’d be surprised how many errors could be sitting across your site without even realising. One of the biggest concerns would be broken links, which if left broken, could be sending visitors to the wrong place entirely. 

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